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Shooting an ICONIC RWB at Daikoku!

As we start to near the end of the trip we had one of our most exciting days in Tokyo. I’ll start this article off by saying that we were all exhausted from the late night we had the day before, driving around the GTR and FD rental cars, but nothing was going to stop…

GTR Adventure in Tokyo!

Japan is a country famous for its beautiful landscapes, rich culture, and technological advancements. However, one of the things that I feel Japan doesn’t get nearly enough credit for is its amazing driving roads. The country is home to some of the best driving roads in the world, attracting automotive enthusiasts from all corners of…

Noriyaro Drifting + HUGE Crash at Nikko!

No trip to Japan is complete without experiencing the thrill of attending some of the country’s iconic drift events. I had the privilege of attending two incredible tracks on the tenth and eleventh days of my trip, at Mobara Twin Ring Circuit and Nikko Circuit respectively. My primary reason for attending these events (aside from…