Market Crossing – Return.

Welcome back to where you began.

Or something like that.

Seriously though, impromptu meets happening at a spot as timeless as Market Crossing has us questioning if we are really living in 2021 or if we somehow managed to wake up in 2015 again.

Despite some light rain, a cruise to Market Crossing seemed like a perfect opportunity to take Alex’s S14 out with its newly dialed ride height/camber as well as for Karly’s Laurel to make its debut after finally having the coilovers and matching wheels installed.

There may not have been an abundance of cars that made the trip out to Market Crossing, but what we noticed was that almost all of the cars that arrived flowed with a similar level of style and build quality, and that to us is an absolute win.

One of our favourite things about quality is how it can bridge the gap between budgets. The fact that this nicely put together EG hatch can sit in the same lineup as a 500 whp JZX100 or an R34 GTR serves as a great reminder that the difference is often not found in budget, but in the patience, knowledge and style of the owner.

So if you’re a Vancouver/Lower Mainland local with good style and a passion for cars then maybe you would find yourself right at home at Market Crossing. Just don’t bring the cops. Or reps.


Published by Alexander Turnbull

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