Dancing in the Rain.

It seems that last second plans are the secret ingredient to these videos. Once again this video went from an idea to camera rolling with about one hour of prep, and we are so happy that it came to be as Reid and his SR powered Laurel capture everything that Checkpoint appreciates. So please enjoy this video and the random snaps below.

After we wrapped up shooting the Laurel we headed to our friend Stephen’s house and were excited to see that Harman was visiting with his air ride equipped Supra that just finished having a nicely setup single turbo engine swapped in. Once Harman has wrapped up the final few steps he has left to complete his build we will go into more detail on his Supra.

Stephen’s current project (among owning a handful of other exciting Japanese cars, and now a scooter) is his unique Silvia front end conversion that he is doing on his SR20 swapped S13 240sx convertible. We won’t go into too much detail on that build, or his others, just quite yet, but rest assured they will be gracing the pages of Checkpoint sooner or later. See you next week.


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