Mix & Match.

What begins with rescuing a baby crow and ends with driving a Datsun Z to an arcade just to race a digital version of the car against some friends? The last two weeks with Checkpoint of course. In this week’s video follow along as we commit even more shenanigans, visit friends, slide cars and enjoy automotive life and low car style.

It’s always busy at Supermodel and these days even just saying that seems like an understatement. Rescuing even more birds, wrapping up some work on the KA-T S15, using the new embroidery machine to put together some apparel and even finding some time to scream at Mario Kart on N64 has kept these last couple of weeks as busy as it gets. Grant even managed to take some time away from working on finishing his drift car to help Alex dig into his S14’s tune, soon the SR will be back to it’s previous glory. With days that turn into nights like these, it’s no surprise that the clock is usually flashing 4:00am by the time we get into bed. We wouldn’t have it any other way though.

Later in the week our good friend Sam even brought his 180sx out to the compound to put down a few laps with Josh and the KA-T S15 SIlvia. Sam’s 180sx certainly has a very unique style when sliding; maybe it’s the way it sounds or just how clean its fresh white paint and stickerless glass look as it flicks around, but Sam has done an excellent job respecting Japanese car culture with his build. He hasn’t managed to put a bad-looking set of wheels on it either yet despite changing up his setup relatively frequently. If you ask us, the R33 GTR wheels he’s running now are chef’s kiss. It’s nice to see just how good a car’s style can be even when it’s simple, clean and low with OEM+ wheels. Hanging out at Supermodel, spending time with friends, playing som N64 and being surrounded by amazing cars is an excellent way to be recharged and find inspiration.

Later in the week, we managed to make some time to go visit our friends Stefen and Steven from Team Hush at Mission Raceway to watch them get some practice in during a BCDA event. It was awesome watching just how capable their KA-powered S13 and S14 (respectively) were when it came to putting down across the entire track. We also finally got a chance to point our camera at Ryley and his awesome JZ powered Cressida wearing its fresh new wrap from Printing Yes!

To wrap up the week we decided that an adventure was needed so we called up our friend Spencer, who owns the beautiful Datsun 280Z photographed below and headed off on a late night highway run to Richmond for some bubble tea and arcade games at the local favourite, E-Spot.

f the highway racing in the Wangan Midnight arcade games didn’t invigorate us enough, we were able to fill up on inspiration and excitement as we saw the way the neon lights of Richmond tossed their colourful light at the carefully sculpted lines of the Datsun. Despite his balding R888 on brand new Watanabe wheels, the light rain didn’t slow Spencer down.

Another excellent week.

And to top it all off, here’s a surprise:


See you soon.


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