Night Moves.

Extend your active spirit and motoring world.

With the lingering heat wave still allowing for warm evenings and Alex’s SR powered S14 finally being back to normal after spending a few weeks chasing down a gremlin that was causing it to pull timing and develop a run rich condition, we figured that a 3:00am drive was the logical next step.

A late evening drive clears the mind like nothing else ever could, and the enjoyment of being able to experience a car you love in the cover of darkness without being impeded by traffic or overly invasive onlookers is a perfect recipe for excitement.

If the video and photos managed to leave you in love with the pink windbreaker, check out all of our branded merchandise, now available online!

See you soon.


Published by Alexander Turnbull

Automotive photojournalist, traveller, blogger, and meme enthusiast. Enjoy car life.

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