S14 Finally Gets Tuned.

Rich AFRs, some intermittent hesitations under full throttle and an overall sense that my car wasn’t running quite as well as I wanted over the last few months lead me to where the car is today.

This isn’t some blog post that shares my million-dollar build or my crazy high horsepower dyno numbers, but a more humble reminder of just how good things can turn out when all the right pieces fall into place.

In this example, the pieces that fell into place were the great friendships that I have built living my car life over these last few years. The month of August proved to be quite frustrating as a handful of small issues all occurred around the same time, but having people like Dave Oaten at Uknown Automotive and Jon Dawson at The Wheel Don around managed to make all of these challenges a little bit more painless. 

From Dave always managing to get my car in on short notice and wrapping up all of the complications before getting the car on the dyno for its tuning day, to Jon not only lending me a set of Advans for my car to roll around on while he took my Weds home with him to inspect for slow leaks but for also lending me his JZX100 MKII for the three weeks my S14 was off the road.

In my “Middle Child” article from a few weeks ago, I reflected on the importance of being a quality person, and I’m happy to say that once again I’ve been reminded just how lucky I am to have these quality people in my life. 

The day finally came and after a few complications and a bit of stress, the S14 is finally tuned, running properly and back in a happy state. The good maintenance, increased airflow, and proper fuelling managed to increase my wheel horsepower from 191 to 226 and my wheel torque from 183 to 241, with power coming on far sooner and smoother than ever before. 

We figured that the best way to celebrate after all this work was to end the video off with a special shoot location, so thank you, Paul, for helping us get access to the airport. Enjoy the video!

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See you soon.


Published by Alexander Turnbull

Automotive photojournalist, traveller, blogger, and meme enthusiast. Enjoy car life.

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