Chill Music & Japanese Cars.

A day trip to Vancouver Island served as a needed reminder that sometimes the perfect recipe for a good weekend is sunshine, friends, and Japanese cars.

The added benefit of being able to fly over on a light aircraft in a matter of minutes rather than the costly and time-consuming ferry has put the island even closer to my fingertips than ever before. 

We started the morning early, with a severe lack of caffeine, and after a few complications headed to the island in the Cessna 172. Upon arrival at Victoria International, I was delighted to be greeted by not only my friend Kiera (who was going to drive us into town) but Riley, Khyle, Sam and Adrianna as well. This group (plus a few other friends) represents an island-based club known as “The Good Kids” and without going into too much detail, as I’m sure there will be an article/video on them in the future, what I admire most about them is how rich a community they have managed to create. When I first met them I was astonished at how eager everyone was to hang out with each other, support one another and celebrate everyone’s wins. In my eyes, friends like that are a rare luxury on the mainland that you have to deliberately search for with intent, but on the island, it just seems to be the way it is by nature. 

After catching up with everyone at Riley’s house (more affectionately known by them as “the clubhouse”) we headed off to visit Laura during her second day of work at Sequoia Coffee in Royal Bay, thankfully the sunshine meant she drove her S13 to work so I finally had a chance to point my camera at it. 

After breakfast, we headed towards the University of Victoria and linked up with Nelson, Ben, Josh & Adam (who some of you may be more familiar with if you’ve watched their popular videos on their YouTube channel “MoistBoys”). After Nelson shared some of his small wheel gospel and was chased around the street in front of his house we headed over to a nearby photo spot and did a quick shoot with their fleet of awesome, small wheel equipped, authentically styled, Japanese cars. 

As quickly as this adventure began it ended and we flew back to the mainland already planning up our next day trip to the island.

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See you soon.


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