We are in 4K now!

Caught in 4K.

Check out our latest video, now shot in true 4K, featuring one of our favourite local Silvias.

After an entire summer of making videos and feeling like we had an arm tied behind our back without being able to shoot true 4K, we have made the jump and acquired a bunch of new gear that will allow us to level up the quality of our videos.

Dylan went out and linked with Brandon and Marcus from Revive (you may remember them from partnering with us to do our mid-summer Cars & Coffee event, as well as Marcus’ recent appearance sliding his BRZ in our Midnight Disturbance video) to get some test footage featuring Brandon’s S15. I could tell he was excited to finally be filming in true 4K because on his way home he sent me a message saying “I think we truly have something here”.

After waking up and seeing the video he managed to come up with, I would have to agree, despite being a short test video it gave me all the same feelings that I remembered from watching early Box One Collective videos when I was a teenager, and that’s a feeling that I will always value because without it I wouldn’t have had the inspiration to do most of the things I have done in the automotive world.

Check out more about Marcus & Brandon’s brand Revive here: https://revive199x.com/

For the next week, we are offering 5% off all of our branded merchandise. All you have to do is put code RAINSZN on any of your orders and it will apply automatically. Get yourself that windbreaker you’ve been waiting for, it’s rainy season after all.

Click here for our recently updated collection of rare Japanese good goods for sale as well as our Checkpoint branded merchandise: https://checkpointjapan.bigcartel.com/

See you soon.


Published by Alexander Turnbull

Automotive photojournalist, traveller, blogger, and meme enthusiast. Enjoy car life.

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