Snow Drifting.

I feel like from the minute you get your driver’s license, every time it snows, it becomes your obligation to go slide around an empty parking lot in any car you can get your hands on.

This last week alone I have seen countless vehicles just having a blast in the low grip, low speed, low impact driving environment that the snow creates. Everything from new drivers slanging their mom’s Rav4 in an empty lot to friends on the island drifting around in slammed classic Toyotas.

We figured that it was about time that Checkpoint joined in on the fun.

A few messages later and half a plan devised we linked up with Marcus (the owner of the white BRZ that you have seen in past videos) and Gerard from SerialNine (who brought out his awesome manual JZX110 Mark II Blit wagon. With a few extra friends in tow for both support, if somebody got stuck, but mainly just as spectators, we took to the streets.

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See you soon.


Published by Alexander Turnbull

Automotive photojournalist, traveller, blogger, and meme enthusiast. Enjoy car life.

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