Round Two.

It’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that Checkpoint has only been back since May of last year.

2021 marked an incredible year for us, it provided countless opportunities for us to create the best content we could. Your support, encouragement,  and desire to see us import increasing numbers of good goods and continue to support low car style allowed us to create over forty videos and articles this past year, as well as place our largest orders of goods from Japan, take our first steps into designing branded goods and host an amazing pop-up shop with our awesome friends at Printing Yes!

So here we are in the early days of a new year, thinking about all that is to come. Our goal is to continue to develop exciting content, plan more events and keep finding the most exciting rare goods from Japan that we can. This year we are aiming at having an end of summer pop-up shop to continue being able to give back to all of our incredible local supporters, as well as plans to travel as much as we can to connect with like-minded enthusiasts both in neighbouring cities, provinces and states as well as across the world.

One huge announcement that we have to start this year; our team has grown! 

Our long-time friend and huge supporter Sandra has joined our team to help us stay on top of everything as we grow. Many of you will remember her from her help at our pop-up shop, her wise additions to our Middle Child article (that you can read here) or her appearances on our YouTube channel.

She is currently in the middle of returning her R32 GTST to being on the street, so expect to see some articles/videos on that and so much more. 

All of the items from our most recent drop of Japanese inventory are active and can be viewed here:

All of our branded merchandise is available as well and can be viewed here:

We are so excited for 2022.

Thank you for supporting low car style.


Published by Alexander Turnbull

Automotive photojournalist, traveller, blogger, and meme enthusiast. Enjoy car life.

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