Buying the WORST Cressida Ever.

What else could possibly happen when Rude decides to take one of the best Cressidas around the PNW on a drive while wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase full of nickels?

Today’s video serves as an introduction to what we plan on becoming a recurring build series as Rude eventually brings back the dilapidated MX73 Cressida that he purchased to Rudeboy Custom and gives it the full makeover that every old Toyota sedan deserves.

From what we gathered, this car was built as a joke amongst friends over a decade ago and then eventually turned into a lawn ornament where it sat and slowly began to erode away back into the earth from once it came.

Within the next few months, Rudeboy plans on bringing the car home and beginning the build, which will provide him with plenty of time to make a decision on what wheels he wants to run (which will ultimately impact the direction he plans on taking the car).

Before you go, set a reminder, our next drop of Japanese inventory will be live this Friday @ 5:00pm PST.

Take a look at the following link for a sneak peek at all of our items that are marked as “coming soon”.

As always, all of our branded merchandise is available right now and can be viewed here:

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Published by Alexander Turnbull

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