Summer Session.

Every September, SerialNine hosts a Drift Gala event at Mission Raceway Park and for the last few years, we have had the opportunity of being able to partake in the fun and provide coverage.

The Gala always somehow manages to have the best September weather possible and it really does feel like the perfect way to end our summers. We let S9 post all of their videos and content around the Gala before we do, but having this backlog of footage on our hard drives works perfectly during the “not so awesome” weather months where we are not out shooting every single day but still want to provide everyone with fresh new content to make your Wednesday just a little bit more awesome.

Last year’s Gala was a return to the standard that we have gotten used to; awesome people, cars and driving. The majority of the cars out on track were powered by the SerialNine engine of choice; any variety of the JZ turbo, but there were still a handful of other platforms out as well. After years of giving our good friend Mitchell a hard time about always focusing on function and not leaning into the style side of his drift cars, it was encouraging, inspiring and exciting to see his 350Z absolutely dumped, rocking polished Work VS-KFs and all of his driving enhancement modifications get out on track side by side with a field of equally cool cars. Nothing gets us more excited than a good driver at the helm of a capable and stylish car.

Being invited out to cover the drift gala is always a real pleasure as we appreciate how SerialNine always somehow manages to gather a crowd of people that are not only great drivers with an eye for style, but also have the best attitudes around.

Keep an eye out this year as we plan to be at the track more than ever.

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We also just released our after movie inspired products as well as made a few updates to our classics.



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