Printing Yes! Spring Matsuri.

It’s no surprise when the best print shop in town announces they’ll be hosting a spring kickoff event at their shop it becomes one of the most highly anticipated local events for the weeks preceding.

When it comes to the team at Printing YES!, there’s no wonder why so much support comes out for them when you consider just how much they do for the local car community in return. Seriously, these guys have heaps of commercial and film industry work (you know, the stuff that actually pays the bills) yet they always manage to come through for everyone’s personal projects as well. Whether it’s for making a bunch of matching team banners, a full car livery, or even headlight eyebrows, Printing Yes! is the only choice.

The confusing spring weather was cooperating for the most part and, other than a bit of a brisk wind, we were blessed with the sun in the sky the entire day. The shop’s parking lot filled quickly and it didn’t take long for the street parking to begin to fill up as well. There was a bit of everything in attendance but the majority of cars there were low-style Japanese cars from the nineties (we kinda like those).

Spring Matsuri brought out all sorts of friends, including a pretty sizable group of enthusiasts from Vancouver Island. It was great being able to connect with Ben and Adam from Moistboys/Garage Tanoshi, they always have kind words and excellent insight into the automotive world which makes for great conversation. We’ve got some exciting plans in the works with them for this year, so stay tuned for that.

As always, thank you to everyone who attended, not only for supporting low car style but also for supporting incredible local businesses and friends alike. Thanks to Printing Yes! for another excellent event, providing an opportunity to connect and celebrate our passion with the community.

Thank you Josiah for taking all these amazing pictures, make sure you are following his Instagram here:

We hope you have all had an excellent start to your spring and are looking forward to the upcoming car season as much as we are. Longer days with better weather are right around the corner, we have so many exciting adventures planned for the months ahead.

One last thing; we want to express our gratitude to everyone who has been supporting us. Whether you’ve been watching our YouTube channel, buying good goods or merchandise, reading the blog like you are now, or sharing our content on social media, we seriously appreciate all of the love and encouragement that we’ve received and can’t thank you enough.

Our most recent drop of Japanese Good Goods is almost sold out and we’re already preparing the next one for you. Branded merchandise, including our new sticker designs, are all available on our website here:

If you’re looking to style up your car with some small five-lug wheels before the summer, we have you covered. We just added a freshly restored pair of Longchamps to the store.

See you soon.


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