Wekfest Seattle 2022.

This past weekend our team, alongside some terrific friends, had the opportunity to head down to Seattle and attend Wekfest at the convention center. 

If you haven’t heard of Wekfest here is a quick breakdown of what they are and what they do, stolen clean off of their “about” page:

Wekfest is an automotive gathering established in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2008. The brand established a presence in the custom car industry by introducing a screening process for its exhibitors which encouraged improved quality of builds in the community. Additionally, the Wekfest brand optimizes its understanding of the creative process to fully form an idiosyncratic style that results in the aesthetic seen today.

In over a decade, Wekfest has expanded its reach into a full touring series of events, bringing the complete experience into eight cities annually, including an international affair in Nagoya, Japan.

Wekfest believes the approach to each of its events is a simple formula – highlighting exhibitors and their stories to organically reach new heights.

Because of the pandemic, it has been a few years since any of us have had the opportunity to attend one of their events and that made this show even better than we imagined. As always we were pleased with the level of quality demonstrated by the cars they approved to be shown. We were also blown away by the incredible selection of extremely high-quality Honda builds and noted that there was an interestingly high number of right hand drive platforms (something that we aren’t as used to seeing when it comes to non-Type R civics and Integras). 

If you watched our Seattle vlog from earlier this year as well as our feature on Austin’s “UFO” FD3S you will see some familiar faces in this video. It was great being able to link with our friends Kevin and Ryan from SerialNine/DODOLogic, Austin and Ryan from Never Content, and more. As well as people like Alec, Travis, Akie, and Mikey. 

At one point I reflected that this event felt like “a high school reunion that had people I actually wanted to see at”. And honestly, that set the mood for me for the entire event. 

We cant wait to attend and cover more events this year and beyond!

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