Japan Delivery + HUGE Update | Rudeboy Custom.

There’s always something new and exciting going on at Rudeboy Custom and today was no different. Rude always has new stuff coming in or great projects in the works!

In this week’s video Rude shows off his huge delivery from Japan, the majority of which was ordered to bolster his wheel collection but also to switch up the look on his C34 Laurel.

After running the Advans for a long time (and amassing a pretty substantial collection of them) he decided it was time to switch up the look and go for what was guaranteed to look great; R33 GTR OEM wheels.

He also managed to visit his friend’s shop and bring the “Worst Cressida Ever” home so he can get started on the tear down. Get caught up on that here:

Stick around until the end of the video; Rude shares some new information on PNW Summer Touring (which we will be covering again). If you didn’t see our coverage on New Year Touring watch it here:

This August should be pretty amazing between Summer Touring and our Pop-Up Shop, we cant wait to see you around.

Our new ‘Enjoy Good Taste’ shirt and hoodie are now available in-store, alongside our first ever key chains.

Visit the store here:


Thank you.


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