Barn Find R32 GTR | Josh’s Story PT.1

Barn find. Sorta.

It was parked beside a barn and covered in pine needles; that counts right?

Semantics over a possibly clickbait title aside; Josh finally has his R32 Nissan Skyline GTR back on the road for the first time in years. This project has been in the making since 2018 and we are finally ready to show you part one of what we hope to be an evolving story.

Josh’s story with this GTR and the battle he has faced in his personal life is a story worth telling and we are looking forward to continuing to document the story with this car.

In this video, we look at the car’s mechanical restoration process at Unknown Automotive, from start to finish and then Josh takes it for its first spin around town in years. The aesthetic restoration will come soon enough, but for now, Josh is ready to enjoy his healthy RB26DETT.

This car has been through so many ups and downs over its lifetime; this video is just a glimpse into what it means to Josh. 

We hope that you enjoy watching!

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