Summer Touring | After Movie.

When I wrote about New Year Touring back at the beginning of this year I started my article by saying:

“To see a Kaido Racer meeting in our own backyard has left me jittering with excitement for the last few days.”

I can safely say that even eight months later that feeling of jittery excitement never left, and now that Summer Touring has come and gone my cup has been replenished with more than enough excitement to help me make it through the winter until New Year Touring 2023 comes around.

I guess that really is the magic of kaido racers and everything that culture has to offer.

So once again before I get too carried away (and you do too) perhaps now would be a great time to click this link and go back to my article on New Year Touring so you can get caught up on what that event was like as well as read what I wrote to answer the question “what is a kaido racer?”

So now that you’ve watched New Year Touring and Summer Touring (hopefully) here’s some photo coverage of this past weekend’s event.

If you’ve followed Checkpoint Japan for any amount of time, then you most likely know who Keith and Rudeboy are and that they have made a goal to hold a New Year Touring and a Summer Touring event every year. The dedication they have to encourage many locals and friends to build kaido racers and enjoy making something awesome as well as their desire to include friends from all over the Pacific Northwest and beyond is incredible. They had amazing turnouts at both events this year, which we are so stoked about

A group of us drove from Rudeboy’s property to the initial meeting location and had the opportunity to see a small group of kaido racers, as well as some other retro rides, make their way through the sea of pedestrian traffic on the highway. This was certainly a visual I will not soon forget. Once we arrived at the parking area and saw that a formidable group had already gathered there our excitement and anticipation of Rude and Keith’s arrival began to grow. They did not let down when they arrived with their small grouping of cars packed full of people.

The actual drive up the Sea to Sky highway to Squamish was incredible. The route offered the best possible views that Vancouver has to offer accompanied by an incredible summer sunset. Watching the hoard of kaido racers, motorcycles and retro cars float down the highway as a pack felt surreal to see with our own eyes.

Thank you Rudeboy and Keith for once again hosting an event that was so great it makes us proud to be from Vancouver. We can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with for New Year Touring 2023.

If you’re local ( or you aren’t scared of going on an adventure) we can’t wait to see you at our Pop-Up Shop this August! Check the image below and our Facebook page for more details.

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