Road to Summer Touring.

Summer Touring 2022 left a tremendous impact on our local car community. With Keith and Rudeboy working diligently to lead the way the Pacific Northwest has received a unique injection of “Kaido Racer Spirit” as Mitsuaki perfectly put it in the above video.

With the Rudeboy Custom Datsun 200sx being the showstopper at Summer Touring as well as the featured car at our end-of-summer Pop-Up Shop we figured it only made sense to take the hundreds of hours of footage that weren’t used in the After Movie and give you a look into the process that was involved for Keith and Rude to take the car from its New Year Touring spec and build it into what we saw this summer.

A massive part of the impact that the Kaido Racer Spirit has made is the creation of “teams” and no team captures what it means to come together better than Team Sexy Cowboys. In the middle of filming all of the progress on the Datsun, Dylan and Sandra found an opportunity to head over to the house that a handful of them rent. They expected to show up and start filming the prep that these guys were doing for Touring, but Team Sexy Cowboys had other plans. Make sure you watch this part of the video, nothing I could write here would do a better job of showing you how these guys operate.

Thank you, Keith and Rude, for everything that you have done to inspire others and bring this culture here. Thanks, Brooklyn for letting us put your film photos in the video and for sending us the cell clips of Keith cutting up a camper. The road to Summer Touring was just as fun as the night of the event itself; our whole team is still in awe of just how many people it brought together and just how much of an impact it has left.

And if for some reason you haven’t watched the Summer Touring After Movie, here it is:

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