Wild Nights | City Tech Auto.

You know it’s a good night when you’re surrounded by some of the coolest cars in Vancouver, you have a ridiculous amount of fun, and you can’t even remember how many different 1JZ-powered cars you watched/listened to slide around the yard. That’s what happened at City Tech Auto last week when we stopped by for a quick visit.

We have been planning to drop by City Tech Auto and film for the last few weeks and when we finally locked down a plan DK, the owner, ended up inviting all of his friends out. DK and his business partner, Daryl, have been involved in the local car community for a long time and two and a half years ago they struck out to start their own shop.

The collection of cars that showed up at City Tech was as inspiring as it was impressive, it was like being at a car meet where only the people that you actually want to see showed up.

We love that DK invited all of his friends out to hang with us—it created such a good atmosphere. If you’re local and drive something unique and need a shop for maintenance, wheels/tires, and performance work you should definitely check out City Tech. Who knows, maybe they’ll let you slide around the lot too.

Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/Dzc9gDgcdu

Check out our store and our newly released Horn Buttons, alongside the remaining Japanese inventory and the rest of our branded gear!.

Visit the store here:




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