SR20 Autumn + we CRASH our drone!

The weather is finally beginning to cool off, and the leaves are changing!

We took Jorden’s SR20 240sx, with Silvia front-end conversion, out for a drive and filmed it. The bright yellow paint matched the colour of the leaves perfectly.

This S13 has plenty of small details that set it apart from the rest; the Work wheels are a perfect fit with an excellent finish, with a strong design that contrasts nicely with the sleek lines of the body; the front lip is just big enough to add some visual interest without being overbearing, and there’s an aggressive look to the fender flares that have been added.

The “office” or interior of Jorden’s car has also been set up perfectly, with great taste in details like seats, steering wheel, shift knob and other small accessories.

Right at the end of filming the feature the drone when disconnected unexpectedly and crashed in a location that was unrecoverable by land. Dylan had to use the last recorded footage to take an estimated guess at where the drone went down and we had to go on a rescue mission with some paddleboards the very next day to get it back—and we were lucky enough to find it right where Dylan thought it might be!

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