A Dream Property for Car Enthusiasts?

It’s been a few months since our last trip to the island and we started missing our friends over there. With the August-like weather we have been getting this October it didn’t take very much convincing for us to plan another visit. A few Instagram messages got sent, some quick plans were made and a week later we were off to Vancouver Island to visit our friends, check out their cars and drop off a care package. 

We all met up at Ben’s house, which is where he runs Garage Tanoshi and is frequently featured on the Moistboys youtube channel. The property is an absolute fever dream for any car enthusiast. The long driveway is surrounded by trees, the house has a double-car garage and the property has a shop as well as a covered carport. Not to mention you could park dozens of cars on the lot (which we did). 

There was a wide array of cars present featuring everything from the Moistboys and their small wheel Toyotas and Nissans, to Laura’s freshly kitted red S13, Carson’s flat-decked Toyota Hilux (that he swears will be on real wheels soon), Sam’s nicely appointed WRX and Hayden’s awesome new R32 Skyline sedan that Kiera brought out (as he was out of the province when we visited but still wanted the car to come out). 

After hanging out at Ben’s for a while, catching up and sipping Adam’s forbidden trunk Gatorade, we made a last-minute post on Instagram and invited people to come out to a beachfront parking area and meet up with us. I went and picked up Kiera’s S15 Silvia Spec R and brought it out to Island View Park, and we watched the sun go down over the ocean as dozens of islanders came out to our last-minute gathering. 

We finally had the opportunity to connect with enthusiasts, photographers and teams in person that we had only ever chatted with online. Special thanks to Early Night drift team for coming out in full force, bringing great vibes, and showing us the majority of your cars.

We love the island, every time we visit we have a ton of fun and leave feeling inspired.

Until next time.

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Published by Alexander Turnbull

Automotive photojournalist, traveller, blogger, and meme enthusiast. Enjoy car life.

2 thoughts on “A Dream Property for Car Enthusiasts?

  1. The portrait you guys paint of the car scene in your b/vlogs is the backbone of why a lot of car enthusiasts get into the car scene. People want to hang out with their buddies and talk about cars and just hang out. It really shows in the photography too. I’m just curious whether or not you guys had any training in video production or anything like that. Anyways, I just want to say your content is as inspiring as it is entertaining.

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