Hidden JDM Dealership in Vancouver!

Nothing beats spending a weekend surrounded by a somewhat random collection of cars that were imported from Japan. In years past our friend Andrew, who runs a successful automotive buying/selling/wholesaling network, spent a bunch of time buying and selling cars from Japan. Even the JZX90 that Jake owns was one of his initial imports from around 2015. As the car market shifted and the more conventional side of Andrew’s business took off the JDM side of things fell into the realm of personal interest. 

After driving past the dealership with Dylan one day and thinking that it would be perfect for a video, we reached out to Andrew who kindly set up a day for us to come by and film. We walked around the lot and checked out all of the cars in detail. The fan favourites of the day were definitely the JZX90 Mark II and JZX100 Mark II that were tucked away under the carport, as well as the hilariously 2006 style kitted R32 GTR and the 1JZ swapped Toyota Crown with its Japanese police car livery.

Visit the store here:




Published by Alexander Turnbull

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