Building a Kaido Racer in Three Weeks?!

Once again, team Rudeboy Specials has done it, and built a phenomenal example of a Kaido Racer out of a less-than-likely platform in a short window of time for an event dedicated to keeping the rich culture behind Kaido Racers alive in a land far from where it originated. 

After building their Angel Spec car this past summer for their Summer Touring event, Rudeboy, Keith and Mitsuaki-San have become well versed on the quirky Datsun S110 platform and decided to take a stab at turning their “parts car” for the Angel Spec build into the Kaido Racer that they would ultimately take to Southern California for N.A. Nonsuri. 

Their latest build features a handmade long-nose, a bright orange paint job courtesy of Mitsuaki-San and many late nights, the original engine from Rudeboy’s Butame and some wide, small-diameter wheels. 

The end result of the car is fantastic considering how humble its beginnings were, so follow along in this week’s video as we show you a bit of behind-the-scenes of the build as well as shoot a quick hero reel of the car in its finished form (and some shenanigans that ensued after).

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