Winter is Here!! | Checkpoint Update.

Discord moderator appreciation day, or something like that. In true “PNW in December” fashion, the ground is icy, cool cars are tucked away (for the most part) and Dylan and I have once again been reminded of the complexity of promising weekly content.

We decided that it had been a while since we just went about our day with zero plan and vlogged the results; so that is exactly what we did. We called up Paul (the owner of the flame-spitting FB RX7 from summer touring), Josh (the owner of the “barn find” R32 GTR we did a video on) and Mikey (the owner of a clean black S13 and the new owner of my old mesh wheels). These three guys (along with Ellia and Cole) make up our discord moderator panel, which may come as a shock as none of them are 400lbs and they do occasionally touch some grass.

Speaking of which; join us on Discord here:

We headed to Richmond and visited our two favourite Japanese stores again, then went and hit the arcade to get some laps in on Maximum Tune and cause a tremendous four-car pileup. After the arcade, we linked up with Jason (whose white AE86 was featured on our channel in August) to see his new black AE86 coupe in action at one of the local, low-key drift spots.

As the weather gets better we will be back to shooting features and event coverage more regularly, but until then we actually have some really exciting content coming early on in the New Year that will help you get through the winter blues!

Our latest drop of inventory is live on the website! Lots of goods have sold, but there are still some absolute gems left.

View the drop here:

Check out our store and our newly released horn buttons, alongside our Japanese inventory and branded gear!



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