This 7MGE Sounds INSANE!!

Last weekend, Dylan and I decided to pay a visit to Rudeboy’s shop to check out his cars and see his work on Mitsuaki-San’s Datsun. We were really excited to see the finished product knowing that Rudeboy had put all this work into Aki’s car as a thank you for all of the different times that Aki has helped him out with body and paint on his cars. 

When we arrived at the shop, Rudeboy was inside working on his Cressida, but he stopped what he was doing and led us to where Mitsuaki-San’s Datsun was parked. We were stoked to see that it was able to start and run. Rudeboy showed us the other work that he did to the car including the rolled fenders, bucket seat, steering wheel, and a one-of-a-kind RBC horn button. 

We were all really impressed with the work that Rudeboy had done and couldn’t wait to see Aki’s reaction when he saw the car. It was going to be a big surprise for him as he had not seen the car run well in the years since he bought it.

We headed out to pick Aki up from the bus loop and recorded some awesome sound clips and shenanigans with Rudeboy’s Butame on the way there and back.

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