Japanese Car Culture is ALIVE!

My recent trip to Japan was a truly eye-opening experience, as I discovered a whole new level of passion and dedication to the craft of car building alongside having the opportunity to finally engage with the culture and history of the country that has been the source of my inspiration for so many years.

The flight from Vancouver to Seattle was quick, Seattle to Haneda not so much (but the constant supply of Asahi helped). We arrived at the airport and were immediately astounded by Japanese efficiency, after getting through customs and collecting our baggage we were off to a great start and were quickly on our way to pick up our most trusty companion; the Toyota Roomy we rented from Toyota Rent-A-Car.

Our first night in Ota City was a quick one, we checked into our hotel, and connected with Harrison (better known as @rennworks_ for his photography and the work he does on his brand Style Bandits, he’s going to be putting together photo books using the captures that he gathered on this trip, so watch his space closely over the coming months) who would be accompanying myself and Paul (@snappypail) on this trip. Afterwards, we explored the neighbourhood and ultimately wound up eating an outrageous amount of plates of food from a conveyer belt sushi restaurant nearby.

The next day we left for Nagoya bright and early and had an impressive amount of shops on the list that we wanted to visit. I won’t list everything we did here in this article, you will have to watch the video for that haha.

Overall, my first visit to Nagoya was a truly unforgettable experience. The passion and dedication of the car builders in Japan are truly remarkable, and I can’t wait to visit more shops and see more of the fantastic cars being built in this country.

This was just the first of many videos in my series on automotive culture in Japan. Stay tuned for more!

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Episode two next week.



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