Expressway RUSH with RWB Kansai!

On the sixth day of my Japan trip, I had the pleasure of meeting our friend Sid in Osaka, which wound up leading to one of the best opportunities on my journey. Sid introduced me to a group of RWB Porsche owners from the surrounding Kansai region, and we embarked on a seven-hour road trip from Osaka to Tokyo.

The RWB Porsche community in Japan is renowned for their devotion to their cars, and I felt privileged to join them on this road trip, that feeling only increased when I later learned that I was the first person involved in Western automotive media that had the opportunity to connect and shoot with their cars. As we hit the highway, I was immediately captivated by the picturesque landscape, encompassing rolling hills, dense forests, and bustling cities that we flew through while listening to the mixture of different Porsche engines.

The group comprised an eclectic mix of Porsche owners, driving vintage air-cooled models as well as more modern water-cooled ones. However, their shared enthusiasm for RWB Porsches was evident. I had the opportunity to converse with each owner and learn about their cars, modifications, and passion for the brand. It was clear that each car was a product of countless hours and inspiration.

As we neared Tokyo, I was awestruck by the enormity of the city. The Porsche owners led us through the busy streets to our final destination – the RWB New Year Party, hosted at the historic Kashiwa Shrine. This event was of my trip, as I was about to witness one of the biggest gatherings of RWB Porsche enthusiasts in the world.

The rest of the photos here were all captured by Colton (@sixspeedsoul) on both digital and film.

Upon arrival, I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of impressive cars and people gathered in one place. The shrine grounds were adorned with an assortment of RWB Porsches, each unique and breathtaking. The atmosphere was electric, with owners showcasing their prized possessions, mingling with friends, and posing for photos.

To my surprise, our efforts at Checkpoint Japan were recognized at the event, which was mind-blowing to me. I was astounded to see how much our mission to create the best Japanese-inspired automotive content resonated with the RWB Porsche community (and beyond). Although we are based in Canada, our viewer base from Japan and the USA each made up around 20-25% of the total, while Canadians only accounted for 3-5%.

The RWB New Year Party also provided an opportunity to meet some of the individuals I admired on Instagram in person. I was amazed by the number of passionate and talented individuals I connected with at the event, including car builders, photographers, influencers, RWB owners, and fans. The event truly showcased the depth and breadth of the RWB Porsche community.

Here’s a quick bit of lore on my friendship with Colton as well as an amazing example of how the butterfly effect has worked in my life. In 2017 Colton left a comment on a photo that I took of Sid’s RWB. He said that he found it inspiring as he was just getting started as an automotive photographer. We remained connected on Instagram ever since, and as the years passed Colton became one of my favourite photographers; somebody who I frequently draw inspiration from. 

Fast forward six years and the two of us (without ever meeting prior) decided to plan a trip to Japan that ultimately had us meeting at the RWB New Year party in Kashiwa. Talk about a coincidence (if you believe in those). 

In conclusion, the RWB New Year Party was an unforgettable experience that left a lasting impact on me. The gathering of so many remarkable cars and people in one place was inspiring, and I felt honoured to be part of it.

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Episode four next week.



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