Shooting an ICONIC RWB at Daikoku!

As we start to near the end of the trip we had one of our most exciting days in Tokyo. I’ll start this article off by saying that we were all exhausted from the late night we had the day before, driving around the GTR and FD rental cars, but nothing was going to stop us from having an epic day exploring Tokyo’s car culture.

Our first stop was at the Yashio Factory, where we dropped off a package from SerialNine, and boy, did we get a treat! We got to see Okachan’s incredible bright pink Silvia race cars up close and personal. The attention to detail and the amount of work put into these cars was mind-blowing. We were in awe of the sleek designs and powerful engines. 

After we wrapped up at Yashio Factory, we headed over to Deus Ex Machina. It was the perfect place to relax, check out some cool clothes and soak up the ambience while sipping on some delicious coffee. We managed to escape with our wallets still intact (barely) and took off towards Yokohama for the evening, as the highlight of the day was yet to come. 

We met with Tanaka-San to shoot his bright yellow ultra-wide 964 RWB at Daikoku PA. Our excitement levels were high as we captured the beauty of the car with the stunning Japanese port in the background. Even though we were all tired from the previous day’s adventures, we pushed through to experience this once-in-a-lifetime day. It was a day filled with stunning cars, amazing people, and unforgettable memories.
Even though we were all tired, we wouldn’t have wanted to spend our day any other way. Overall, our day spent in and around Tokyo was one for the books.

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