This Is Goodbye.

Reid’s Butame was a beloved car among his group of friends, the PNW group of Kaido Racer enthusiasts and Shakotan car enjoyers around the world. After owning it for seven years, Reid made the difficult decision to part ways with it and sell it to our friend Ben (Moistboys/Garage Tanoshi) on Vancouver Island. As a farewell gesture, we decided to film one last video of the car in his ownership as we promised him and Keith that we would feature their cars in a video together, showcasing their uniquely set up cars.

Both the Butame and Keith’s Cresta are built to reflect the retro style of 1970s/1980s Japan. The cars have been extensively modified with custom subframes and lowered suspension, giving them an extremely low stance on the road. Despite their modifications, both cars remain functional and are driven regularly.

One of the most distinctive features of these cars is the attention to detail. Every small detail is meticulously considered both on the inside of the car and the outside, and it shows in the final product. For example, my favourite features on both cars have to be the retro decklid speakers, a detail that is not commonly found in modern cars. These little touches add to the overall charm of the cars and make them stand out.

The video would not have been complete without some Nonsuri donuts. This is a popular driving technique in Japan and is often used in car shows and exhibitions. The word “nonsuri” derives from the Japanese ノンスリ or  “non-slip differential”. The Butame and Keith’s Cresta are set up to perform these donuts easily, as you can see in the video.

Overall, Reid’s Butame is a one-of-a-kind car that has left a lasting impression on our local car community. It is a testament to the passion and dedication that goes into building a car that reflects a specific era and style. While Reid may have parted ways with his beloved car, it will always hold a special place in his heart, as well as in the memories of his friends who were lucky enough to experience its unique charm. We can’t wait to see what the next chapter for this car holds in Ben’s ownership. 

Before I move on, here is a link to the website and the YouTube page I mentioned in the video:

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