The BEST AE86 in the PNW?!

After being huge fans of this car on Instagram and YouTube for years we finally headed south of the border to Seattle to link up and shoot Landin’s AE86 Toyota Corolla coupe – the one and only “Squeeze86”! Landin’s car is a real showstopper, boasting a bright yellow paint job that’s impossible to miss, and an exciting livery with enough metal flake and pop to make you feel like you’re at a concert. And let’s not forget about the polished wheels that add a touch of bling and tie in all of the elements from the livery perfectly.

But the Squeeze86 isn’t just all talk – to make sure he was getting the right amount of juice per squeeze to back up its flashy appearance, Landin swapped out the original engine for a 3SGE BEAMS engine, turning this car into a high-revving, reliable and perfectly powered drifting machine. 

His car has a roll cage fitted for added protection because we all know that drifting can get a little wild. And if he wanted to party while he’s drifting, he’s covered – it’s got a sound system set up so he can pump out his music at any time (which he explained includes anything from drift hype music to Gran Turismo lobby-style jazz, to old school funk).

But the real star of the show is Landin himself – this guy brings so much energy and positivity to the table, it’s infectious. When we were shooting our video with him and his AE86 we probably had the most fun we’ve ever had shooting a feature. There’s nothing like spending a full Saturday surrounded by friends, an awesome car and great vibes. 

We hope you enjoy the video and can’t wait to connect with Landin again this weekend at FinalBout Special Stage North West at Affinity Circuit in Oregon where he will be a guest judge at the competition on Saturday and the driving in the open day on Sunday. Stay Tuned!

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