Hosting a HUGE meet in Seattle!

We recently embarked on an exciting trip down to the Seattle area for a weekend of filming and fun. Our team had a specific goal in mind: to film a feature video on one of the most exciting AE86 drift cars around, but the weekend turned out to be so much more than that.

As we rolled down the highway, we were eager to catch up with old friends and see their cars. The drive from Vancouver to Seattle is a beautiful one, with stunning views of the Pacific Northwest along the way.

Upon arriving in Seattle, we wasted no time in getting to work on filming the feature video on the Squeeze 86. The AE86 drift car we were filming was an absolute machine, and we couldn’t wait to capture it in all its glory.

As the Saturday drew to a close, we had one last surprise in store for the Seattle car community. In collaboration with Six Speed Soul and Style Bandits, We hosted a surprise car meet and what a success it was! The quality and quantity of cars in attendance were incredible, and the atmosphere was electric. We loved every minute of it and were thrilled to see so many car enthusiasts come together to celebrate their passion.

We had a slower day on Sunday, starting with some good coffee and snacks at the Starbucks HQ in SODO and then headed over to Alec’s house just North of Seattle to see her collection of cars (as well as her 510 that we filmed around this time last year). Once we wrapped up there we parted ways and headed back to BC where we picked away at some outstanding issues on Dylan’s Celica Supra and I tested my artistic abilities by drawing the Checkpoint logo into the dust on the rear glass of my S14.

Spring is finally here and both of these cars will be out soon. Who knows, maybe we’ll even take them South of the border.

Our latest drop of Japanese imported merchandise and car parts is LIVE!

View the drop here:



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