Moving to Japan!

Hey everyone! I hope you’ll enjoy getting to see what I had gotten up to during my first few weeks in Japan. This trip so far has been one of the best experiences of my life and it still feels like it’s just getting started. I’m really looking forward to having more adventures throughout the summer and sharing it all with you!

With Love, Sandals

Welcome to the exciting new multi-part series, “Sandals in Japan,” which we will be releasing over the next few months on the Checkpoint Japan YouTube channel. In this series, we’re following Sandra as she moves to Japan to pursue her education (which seems like a good cover story for actually pursuing her passion for Japan’s deep-rooted car culture). When not in class or studying, she’ll be immersing herself in the unique and fascinating world of Japanese car culture – while recording it all for us to enjoy as well.

In this first episode, Sandra had a month to explore before classes began which she spent following through on a long list of cool things to do and people to visit.

She’ll be taking us along as she visits various pockets of Japanese car culture, diving into everything from auto shows, kaido racer touring events, late-night visits to Daikoku PA, and more.

Sandra will be sharing her experiences as she meets other enthusiasts, explores different car scenes, and all of her other adventures while living in Japan. Her passion for cars and enthusiasm for learning about the various aspects of Japanese car culture will make for an exciting series.

So, get ready to join Sandra on her journey as she takes us on a thrilling ride through the diverse and captivating world of Japan’s car culture!

Be sure to check in for the next installment of this series for an inside look at the Ebisu Spring Matsuri event and before you go; our latest drop of Japanese imported merchandise and car parts is LIVE!

View the drop here:



2 thoughts on “Moving to Japan!

  1. Seriously so friggin rad, Sandra. Love to see you thriving out there xx


  2. Very excited for you. Wished I’d taken the leap when I was younger!!!
    Loved the vid.
    Eddie in Australia.

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