Keep Drifting Alive.

Closing doors, losing opportunities.  The heart-pounding world of drifting in British Columbia (and beyond) is on the brink of crisis. Once-thriving tracks that embraced the adrenaline-fueled sport are closing their doors or turning their backs on drifting altogether. This devastating loss of controlled, professional spaces is not just limiting opportunities for drivers; it’s strangling theContinue reading “Keep Drifting Alive.”

HECTIC Drifting at Ebisu Matsuri!

The madness that ensues at Ebisu Drift Matsuri events is something that I’ve always hoped to experience, and this year it finally happened. It was my first time ever going to Ebisu Circuit in general, and it exceeded every expectation that I had. The pictures and videos don’t portray just how massive the property is,Continue reading “HECTIC Drifting at Ebisu Matsuri!”


In a shocking turn of events, our group of longtime friends experienced a rare occurrence – all of our cars being on the road together for the first time in years. It was a momentous occasion for all of Checkpoint, except for Sandra, who was enjoying her adventurous life in Japan (you’ll be seeing moreContinue reading “ALL OUR CARS ARE RUNNING!”

The MOST Stylish Drifting in North America!

In the world of North American drifting, FinalBout has become a household name for fans that enjoy not only stylish driving but stylish cars as well. This popular drift series is known for its unique style and focus on Japanese cars. Recently, we had the opportunity to attend FinalBout NW at Affinity Circuit in Medford,Continue reading “The MOST Stylish Drifting in North America!”

The BEST AE86 in the PNW?!

After being huge fans of this car on Instagram and YouTube for years we finally headed south of the border to Seattle to link up and shoot Landin’s AE86 Toyota Corolla coupe – the one and only “Squeeze86”! Landin’s car is a real showstopper, boasting a bright yellow paint job that’s impossible to miss, andContinue reading “The BEST AE86 in the PNW?!”

Stanced Silvia with INSANE Fitment!

The final episode of our Japan series took us to Mizuno Works, and it was an absolute thrill ride from start to finish! This Kaido Racer heaven was a paradise for car enthusiasts, and we got the chance to see some of the most magnificent cars out there. The owner, who was passionate about hisContinue reading “Stanced Silvia with INSANE Fitment!”