Drift Academy.

In this week’s video, our friends at Drift Academy Canada invited us to come check out the Drift 1010 course that they have put together to teach amateur drivers some of the basics behind drifting and advanced car control. 

The Drift 101 course is designed to be approachable for drivers of all skill levels and provides an introduction to the fundamental techniques of drifting. The exercises focus on both the theory and hands-on drift practices to develop steering and throttle techniques which are essential for drifting.

The day started with our good friend Stefan delving into some of the theory behind the different elements we would be practicing, moved quickly into the driver’s seat to get actual hands-on practice, and ended with Stefan and Brandon demonstrating their expertise from behind the wheel of their own personal cars, an S13 hatch and S15 Spec R (respectively). 

For anybody looking for an opportunity to learn these skills in a safe and controlled way from behind the wheel of a car that doesn’t belong to them, we highly recommend Drift Academy Canada! For more information check out their website: https://www.driftacademy.ca/

In other news, all of the items from our most recent drop are active and can be viewed here: 


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See you soon.


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