What is Out Of Love?!

After weeks of being super busy, Dylan and I finally had our first free weekend in a while, and miraculously that free weekend paired up with the weather in the PNW clearing up for us. With the sun shining and temperatures rising, we decided to make a last-minute plan to cross the border and head to Lynden, Washington to meet up with our friends Josh and Morgan, who run the brand “Out of Love.”

A little over a year ago we discovered their brand through Instagram and quickly got to know each other. Once we learned just how close to the border they were we were excited to head down for a visit to learn more about their brand and check out their cars. Josh had been working on his dark green, SR20 swapped S13 240sx drift car, and we were especially eager to get it out for a video.

After a quick drive across the line, we arrived in Lynden and met up with Josh and Morgan at their garage. They welcomed us warmly and gave us a tour of their workspace, where we saw some of the other cars they were working on, like the air-ride equipped widebody Itasha MKV Supra and Morgan’s turbo manual JZX100 Chaser. 

But the star of the show for us was definitely Josh’s S13. We headed out and took the car for a quick cinematic feature video. As we wrapped up our visit and said goodbye to Josh and Morgan, we felt grateful for the chance to meet such passionate and talented people and to witness their love for cars and community.

They will be hosting their annual event: Cars & Anime this June in Lynden on Sunday, June 25 from 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

We recently dropped a bunch of new Japanese goods alongside our line of branded gear and car accessories!

View the drop here: https://bit.ly/3GV3ShJ



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